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ACSI 2023 Annual Conference

by ACSI Server System Administrator -

The dates for the 2023 Conference will be from

 Wednesday 30th August to Friday September the 1st

Registration opening :

 Early registration is welcome ;- by sending an Email to this will help with knowing numbers of people attending. 

Schools sending staff - Please indicate numbers of participance and if possible the names.

Venue :    Gateway High School

After the conference all material will be added to this site.

Mobile device app

by ACSI Server System Administrator -

For anyone using a iPad or other device like Android

There are apps that use the site better suited to the device. 

If you look in your profile once logged in (top right menu) you will see on the lower right hand side a link for the app and once selected will generate a QR code for your login . By scanning in the QR code it will link your device to the login page for you.

Please do not share your QR code as each code is generated for the profile. Much like What's app does for WhatsApp web.